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About Nancy Bixbee

Bringing Balance to Children Is My Passion

I have been a Registered Nurse with over 30 years pediatric experience. My early career was working in a busy pediatric operating room, where I experienced first hand the complexities and wonders of the human body. At that stage of my work I always had a sense there existed another element of healing I had not yet discovered.

After having children of my own and being presented with the challenge of addressing learning difficulties I began my search into the world of complementary therapies. Disillusioned with what the medical model could offer, I always felt that there was more to healing than a pill. I eventually discovered flower essence therapy, therapeutic grade essential oils, energy work and the importance of healthy nutrition. The foundation of my work, The Extra Lesson® approach, came at a later date. When I studied The Extra Lesson®,I realized combining these modalities was the solution to many complex challenges.

My certifications include flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, The Extra Lesson® certification and Reiki levels 1 and 2.

It is my sincere passion to assist you in your own personal search for true healing and allow your child the joy of learning.