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The Approach

Today, more than ever, we need a diverse, complementary approach that recognizes the individuality of the child. My mission is to support restoring balance to children whose normal development has been interrupted by our fast paced modern culture. Over stimulation and lack of movement during childhood creates obstacles to learning and healthy emotional development. Focus, concentration and learning difficulties are rising.

To support a shift back to balance we start with a detailed history and The Extra Lesson® assessment. During this initial in-depth assessment and intake, we target areas needing support and / or change. Movement exercises, along with natural remedies, form the foundation of a unique program to help restore health.

We work with each child in individual sessions specifically designed to promote healthy movement towards balance. Remedies come from the natural world, and include flower essences and therapeutic grade essential oils. In addition, energy work and dietary adjustments are utilized where needed.

Progress is monitored in 6 week cycles. The recommendation to start is a 12 week program. Parents play a vital role in monitoring progress and supporting the child through the process. In some cases teacher feedback is very useful. Depending on the age and history of the child, developmental shifts can be gradual or  quick. I also work with some children only in a flower essence consultation, although for some children this is not enough.

The age range is from 6-16 yrs. I have worked with both older and younger children, each situation is as unique as the child.

Children currently using medications may still benefit from the additional support of this program. In some instances medication can be reduced and sometimes eliminated. I encourage you to come and explore these services.