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It Impacts Children in Profound Ways

Healthy DietsProper nutrition is absolutely critical during childhood. Children with inadequate nutrition with diets lacking in nutrients, vitamins and minerals are prone to significant short and long-term health issues. Sustained poor nutrition brings with it greater risks of obesity, mental and emotional health issues and challenges with achievement of full academic and physical potential.

A Balanced Child requires a balanced diet.

Food affects our moods and emotions. This impacts children tremendously. Busy parents often do not have enough time to focus on the diverse nutrition required for normal development of children. Children in some cases overindulge in sugary foods or snacks full of sodium. They may not realize that significant portion of their diet comprises of fat, or that they don’t get sufficient amounts of certain vitamins and minerals.

Physical health is certainly impacted which in turn also impacts other areas of development such as ability to focus and learn. Mental and emotional health problems in children are often reinforced by obesity and low self-esteem, which may be the result of poor nutrition.

As part of A Balanced Child approach, we make suggestions for healthy meals and incorporating healthy snacks into children’s diets to supplement and support their proper development. We also recommended supplements where appropriate.