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The Extra Lesson®

Approach to Working with Children with Learning and Behavioural Difficulties

Our fast-paced world leads to incomplete stages of physical development, based on the first 7 years of life. Today we see an increasing number of children exhibiting difficulties in school. Focus, attention and learning difficulties are prevelant. Emotional and social challenges are on the rise and sometimes only become apparent when entering school.

The Extra Lesson assessment can localize specific developmental issues and the repercussions they may have on learning. This approach, developed by Audrey McAllen, a Waldorf school teacher, is based on the workings of Rudolf Steiner. It is confirmed by modern neuropsychology and is based on recent neuroscience research to assist the brain in optimal functioning and learning.

Extra Lesson exercises are designed to complete these developmental phases. Exercises include physical movement, watercolor painting and drawing. Movement exercises, along with drawing and painting forms, are carefully chosen to compose The Extra Lesson® session. Sessions run for approximately 12 week cycles and progress is assessed along the way. This is one part of our multifaceted, integrative approach.