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Your Decisions Have Profound Impact on Your Child's Health and Development
How do you feel when your child exhibits difficulties in school and you are presented with the challenge of coming up with solutions? Where do you turn when the recommendation typically suggests testing and behavioral therapy with medication as possible solutions. You understand the long term effects of medication with potential harmful side effects. This is a well balanced approach that is natural, without long term dependence on medication.
A Balanced Child was designed to support parents seeking alternatives to the conventional medical approach. Before trialing medication there is an approach that considers the whole child and possibilities for achieving natural health. This program incorporates healthy movement exercises with the support of remedies from the natural world. This integrative holistic approach has helped children since 2008. This approach makes good common sense, as it addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A Balanced Child includes educating the parents and the whole family on complementary therapies.
Decisions you make today will affect your child’s life now and for years to come. Please consider this therapeutic approach for the health and well being of your child. It may be the one of the biggest decisions with the greatest impact on their future.

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